Good Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

The Company’s code of conduct is considered an important element for each of TOTAL people to deal with daily situations in work activities so that the Company’s vision and excellent business performance can be achieved. All personnel of TOTAL shall comply with such code besides concurrently implementing the Company’s code of ethics.

Each of TOTAL’s employees including directors is required to sign a Letter of Commitment on performing the Code of Conduct and implementing throughout the Company’s daily operation in both head office and project area, so that any breach of commitment carried out by employees will be taken into further action, where the employees will be imposed by sanction in accordance with prevailing regulations. Such action represents TOTAL’s effort to implement GCG and internalize the Company’s prevailing values so that it is expected that corporate culture could be enhanced.

TOTAL’s code of conduct, in which core competency and leadership are discussed, is expected to bring forth the improvement of the Company’s personnel’s quality. Such competency covers several aspects, among which:

Pride and Excellence in Construction