Good Corporate Governance

Corporate Code of Ethic

In order to ensure the effectiveness of GCG implementation in the Company, the Company renders GCG Guidelines and other documents such as Articles of Association and Compilation of Corporate Regulations to its guidelines in managing the Company. Besides, the Collective Labor Agreement (PKB) between management and Labor Union has agreed upon the rules pertaining to industrial relationship and disciplinary aspects.

The m-TOTAL concept represents one of the systematic efforts which support the success of GCG implementation in TOTAL. All employees are required to participate in m-TOTAL trainings which are designed to create TOTAL employees possessing the performance, character, and work spirit which are aligned with the Company’s culture.

Code of Ethics of m-TOTAL provides regulation for partnership among the Company’s hierarchies, as well as its relation to customers and public. Each personnel reveres and complies with the codes prevailed for them. The content of TOTAL’s code of ethics is reflected as follows:

Pride and Excellence in Construction