Good Corporate Governance

Policy GCG

As stated in TOTAL’s vision, the Company endeavors to add values to the stakeholders. One important factor in realizing the vision, is continual implementation of good corporate governance that attempts to apply a prevailing corporate culture in the Company. The understanding of GCG importance subsequently has led TOTAL to perform policies for maintaining good corporate governance, in all business activities so that the Company’s long-term targets can be continuously achieved.

By means of an active role and full endorsement from the Board of Commissioners and Directors. TOTAL ensures the practice of GCG principles are met in each business process, in line with the hierarchy, that includes:

The GCG concept is enforced to create a professional, solid, good, and competitive organization. In addition to fulfilling the needs of the stakeholders The Board of Commissioners has already made important measures in regard to the implementation of GCG, including.

The Board of Directors already performed good and proper GCG. The GCG that has been implemented by Directors, included:

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