Good Corporate Governance

Assessment of GCG

In 2020, TOTAL has conducted self-assessment on the implementation of GCG practice in the Company. The self-assessment is carried out using assessment criteria based on ASEAN CG Scorecard and OECD principles as the method. The following is the GCG assessment result of TOTAL for the 2020 fiscal year:

According to the result of assessment, we are of the opinion that GCG internalization carried out by each organ and related staffs has been running well and fairly. Proportional scores between one aspect and another reflect the absence of performance disparities. Thus, it can be concluded that the implementation of GCG in the Company becomes a value that is carried out with full awareness by TOTAL people.

Assessment Indicators of TOTAL’s GCG

Assesment Indicators of TOTAL’s GCG are aligned with exposure to GCG’s enforcement, such as:

Pride and Excellence in Construction