Green Construction

Green Building Council Indonesia

Our Company is actively involved as a corporate founder of GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia), which is an independent institution, activities are to disseminate and implement green principles for the design, development, and operations of a building and in its environment. This participation is aimed to ensure that the green construction parameter is well established for developing buildings. The principal point of such green construction is that buildings are proven to be more eco friendly, contribute to more energy saving, and to have less polluted impact on the environment. Our Company also employs, personnel holding green professional certification, eligible for doing self assessment, for disseminating information concerning green construction and green building principles.

GBCI has already obtained the status of Emerging Member from World Green Building Council (WGBC), the headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, 73 members have participateed. GBCI has also gained the support from construction service professionals; building and property industry personnel, professional associations, environmental care community, government, as well as research and educational institutes. GBCI has a mission to establish a transformation to reach the green public having a leaning to sustainability.

One of GBCI programs is to conduct the activity of Green Building Certification in Indonesia, assessment is adjusted to Indonesia’s green parameter; namely Greenship. Pursuant to the greenship parameter, green building have to meet the following criteria, comprising:

Pride and Excellence in Construction