Green Construction

Implementation of Green Construction

TOTAL’s commitment to implement green construction principles brings positive response from clients. The explanation of the green building concept introduced by TOTAL to clients has encouraged them to implement such concepts in their construction project. Even though Misinterpretation concerning the principles has at times occurred; a more detailed explanation from TOTAL has gained respect from clients.

Pertaining to cost incurred by customers, the amount of expenses to be adjusted with design and green building methods selected covers the implementation of passive design, the modular or repeat design, the prefab system, and the use of reused materials. TOTAL also implements waste management in each construction project.

Furthermore, in establishing a dewatering system, a system for water absorption (recharging well, retention pond) is implemented in construction projects. In addition to the CCompany’s effort in constructing an eco-friendly building, TOTAL is also committed to implementing green concepts for office buildings through a program of green ship existing building. Green concept’s like this will be included in the work program for 2012. The purpose of endorsing these work programs means the Company’s internal personnel can also publicize the importance of implementing concepts of green building and green construction. Such information can then be disseminated, preliminary to the level of board of Directors, head of departments, project managers, and staff.

The concept of green construction that can preserve environment is of our concern to be implemented, particularly in surroundings areas nearby construction projects where the potential of direct impact due to the project is high. The implementation of green construction principles is instigated through a number of stages, covering concept dissemination to the public in the project vicinity’s, including survey and mapping that concerns the housing and soil condition of the area nearby, as well as surveys on the potential of local materials in the surroundings of the project site.

Green Construction represents TOTAL’s commitment in mitigating adverse impact derived from the execution of building project to the environment.


During construction, TOTAL also tries to minimize noise pollution, vibration, and waste. All of which result from the construction, by implementing method of hydraulics static pile driver in the building foundation construction.

With regard to the labor camp, the building is established close to the project area in order to create time efficiency for workers so that they will arrive in the project site on time and do not have to use public transport, that might cause air pollution and incur extra expense for fuel consumption. Furthermore, for sanitary needs, any activities supporting sanitary conditions have been made in accordance with green construction principles which underline efficiency and conservation. Such activities cover reducing water and electricity consumption, as well as environmental preservation.


In the conduct of constructing environmentally friendly buildings, the Company always endeavors to implement green construction principles.




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