Health, Safety and Environment

Commitment to Environment

The Company has committed to implementing standards of Environmental Management System of ISO 14001. ISO 14001 reflects an international standard for Environmental Management System (EMS). This system emphasizes on formulation requirments and preservation of EMS, that is manifested in three basic commitments to support environmental policy, covering:


TOTAL always maintains commitments in preserving the environment by suppressing negative impacts on environment that induces soil, water, noise, and air due to the Company’s operational works.

Commitment to environmental protection is instilled to each personnel and is written in an environmental policy of PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk. TOTAL’s Environmental Policy represents guidelines to implement the application, maintenance, development, improvement and management of environment to minimize the potential of negative impact by utilizing natural resources with discernment, all of this reflects management’s commitment to the environment. 

With regard to discharge and waste issues, the Company adopted the environmental management system of ISO 14001 that provides regulations and guidelines for the management of waste. Waste discharged from the project works will go through an available waste store, to be being filtered, in order to separate liquid and solid waste. Moreover, waste disposal, particularly B3 waste, will be made in cooperation with third parties.

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