Health, Safety and Environment

Commitment to Health

The Company regards all efforts to ensure work health is essential, to ensure that employees run a healthy life, free from health threats and adverse conditions due to the commencement of work pertaining to the execution of construction projects. In order to achieve such objectives, the Company always puts emphasis on the creation of a healthy work environment by performing assessment of activities that an impact on humans and environment.

The mitigation of health damage of employees is performed by the Company via a means of medical check-ups, routinely made every year to all employees. For workers engaged in the project site, the medical checkup will be performed in cooperation with Jamsostek (Social Security Workers) or local medical professionals. In addition, such measures are also made by providing first aid point’s project areas. These measures are aimed to ensure the employees safety by requiring them to apply standards of Personal Protective Equipment. Every month fogging is done in the project areas, so the well-being of the employees can be continuously improved in their work environment.

For employees suffering from health problems, the Company has been prepared by assigning medical support for the checkup. The health record of such employees will periodically be registered in a database so that such data can be analyzed, and the Company could then take further actions for preventive actions concerning such problems.

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