Health, Safety and Environment

Commitment to Safety

The fulfillment of standards of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is prioritized by PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk in order to protect assets, data, the Company’s property, safety of employees, as well as environmental preservation.

All efforts to create safety in a work environment are the responsibility of all parties involved in the workplace. Both for management and employees of the Company. Employees, in that regard, are not limited to the personnel who work in the Company internally, but also personnel from external sources, such as guests, employees of contractors, workers, or suppliers.

In TOTAL’s universe, the employees safety is considered paramount in the procedure and productivity of the performance of TOTAL people (m-TOTAL). TOTAL always endeavors to put best effort to create a conducive work environment for the safety of its workforce. The Company ensures that all employees perform their duties in accordance with procedure of safety guidelines stipulated by the Company. TOTAL’s efforts are to enhance the safety culture through supporting its culture and involving all employees, subcontractors, and other parties engaged in work in the project area, to actively participate in cementing the culture.

TOTAL require all workers to fulfill the standards of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by wearing helmets, safety shoes, body harnesses, and vests, with adjustmenting to the level of risks for the works being done, all of which shall serve as compliance to the regulations for the safety of employees.

TOTAL requires all subcontractors working in the project site to comply with the HSE regulations. All requirements for HSE are notified at the commencement of the tender process so that subcontractors can calculate the cost components. Project Plans that has been created by subconstractors will be presented and discussed to achieve the same understanding regarding the standards of HSE. The workers for subcontractors are equipped with a preliminary briefing to shape their mindset and to build work attitudes that are expected to successfully support the employees safety in project area.

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