Quality, Efficiency and Innovation


Pursuant to TOTAL’s Vision, Mission, and Values to continuously bring forth improvement and uphold future orientation, TOTAL will sustainably create innovation so that the Company’s internal condition will improve by taking into account the Company’s external factors. 

The increase in quality and customer satisfaction represents the Company’s principal objective in creating innovation. TOTAL has been enhancing better innovation, manifested in the database development. Database being developed are those related to the achievement of quality target and customer satisfaction, both of which will serve as a basis for innovation creation.

In order to uphold efficiency, innovations are created comprehensively to generate remarkable achievement from common works, encompassing project and departmental works, up to the corporate activities. All innovations created by the project and department teams will be gathered and selected by Department of Construction Engineering & Research Development (CERD) and TOTAL’s Innovation team, which then are brought to the competition in TOTAL AWARD’s event.

Pride and Excellence in Construction