Quality, Efficiency and Innovation


PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk upholds quality in building construction at every stage of the project operation, commencing from marketing to the utilization of quality building materials, the application of methods, the supervision of the construction process monitored by the best professionals in their areas of expertise. Thus, the Company had placed quality as number one priority.

Our commitment to quality is not only manifested in the finalization and project handover, but also reflected in the provision of comprehensive service, even after the expiry of warranty period. We are of the opinion that fulfillment of customers’ needs is inevitably crucial. Henceforth, the Company always prioritizes customers’ interest over other activites in any situation.

Department of Product Quality
TOTAL has achieved the certification of ISO 9001 for its consistency in implementing quality system that is oriented to customers’ satisfaction. Various projects have been well handled by TOTAL such as the construction of high rise buildings, including: apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, malls, modern markets, hospitals, universities / international schools, training centers, libraries, television stations, religious buildings, embassies, etc.

Department of Customer Care
The establishment of Department Customer Care represents TOTAL’s effort to provide experienced experts who will overcome customers’ problems through best customer care services. Periodical surveys are held to appraise customer satisfaction level towards TOTAL services. The survey is conducted at the commencement of the projects through to the expiry of the contract period. The survey result is used as evaluation references so that innovations and performances of TOTAL’s employees can be subsequently improved.

Pride and Excellence in Construction