Products and Services


TOTAL's business activity is in construction service business, particularly in the work plans of a building project, with emphasis on the best, innovative, and eco friendly aspects. This is reflected in the green construction concept and the development of requirements arising from the activity of Innovation Days which has become characteristics of TOTAL performance.

From the sector of planning and development project, TOTAL bears a number of quality aspects which are reflected in the process of management governance, including its governing, allocating, and scheduling of m-TOTAL people in the project so that targeted objectives such as cost, time, and quality can be achieved.

Even after the completion of building projects, TOTAL remains committed to continuously establish harmonious relationship with customers. Therefore, as a manifestation of our customer-oriented priority, TOTAL gives an after service for the completed building projects of the buildings that has been constructed by PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk. This then reflects TOTAL's effort to prioritize customers as business partners who definitely deserve service excellence. TOTAL performs the construction service business by focusing on Main Contractor Services and Design and Build Services.

Pride and Excellence in Construction