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Highly qualified experts with excellent enthusiasm, characters of integrity and performance driven, are engaged in various construction areas of expertise, essential to TOTAL to continue meeting our clients’ expanding needs, in terms of capability, speed, and accurate timing of project execution. Their existence is significant in preserving and establishing the high standards of TOTAL.

Stimulated by the high numbers of quality engineering graduates, which fails to meet the numbers needed to address the booming Indonesia’s construction industry, we have decided to launch an initiative – Total Construction Institute – as an established institute of quality learning, bringing the vision of “fulfilling the needs of competent manpower, both to serve our own needs and to serve the interests of Indonesia’s construction industry, in addition to serve as TOTAL’s dedication to the country in actively realizing the Indonesia's vision of 2025.”

Total Construction Institute (TCI) will be launched in 2013, with the mission and focus of accelerating development for talent, in the Indonesian construction institute which adhere to the highest international standards.

During the period from September to December 2012, TCI has been pre-launched in TOTAL’s internal environment. The training programs include: Great Builder, Great Management, Great Leadership intended for supervisors, officers and managers. In particular, TCI also created a Jump Start training program that aims to equip the 'fresh graduate engineer' (fill competency gaps) to be ready for the real work in the field.

All training programs focus on knowledge / technical skills, comprehensively prepared and delivered by experienced seniors with 8-20 years of experience in TOTAL. TCI also assigns professional instructors for training programs that require certain competency, such as programs of Great Soft Skills and Great Business.

We are sure that quality training, coaching and development for all of our leaders, staff, and business partners will help us as a Company to keep pushing the boundaries, keep innovating, and keep pioneering the construction quality in Indonesia. Furthermore, we are to ensure that we will be delivering a sustainable value to all of our stakeholders.

In addition, TCI also pioneers the practice of learning approaches by ensuring that the application of latest learning technologies can expand the horizons of all participants.

TCI, in the first phase, will serve the needs of TOTAL and our partners. Then, in the next phase, TCI will open up to all actors that participatete in the Indonesian construction industry.

TCI is supported by an internationally recognized education consultant whose involvement ensures that world class best practices are enforced, as well as to ascertain the global outlook, in all the relevant international partnerships and also in the implementation of learning approaches.

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