Corporate Social Responsibility In Manpower, Occupational Health And Safety

Manpower Practices


A strong and robust industrial relationship between the Company and all employees is an important key to maintaining business sustainability. Being aware of this, TOTAL ensures that the fulfillment of rights and responsibilities of each employee is met according to the legislations and the Company’s rules as its corporate policies in manpower. Strong commitment and attention to the manpower policies are implemented by strengthening of K3 structure and its implementation in the field. Moreover, TOTAL continues to prioritize the overall implementation of fairness and equality aspects for all employees, as well as the aspect of occupational health and safety.

This was translated into various programs that are designed to increase employees’ awareness of the importance of occupational health and safety.


Manpower Programs

TOTAL’s CSR activities in the manpower sector consists of the following programs:

1. Human Resources

TOTAL has dealt with various manpower challenges in terms of creating fair job opportunities by recruiting employees without prejudice to ethnic groups, religions, races, social groups and social classes. The recruitment process is conducted by upholding equality principles without discrimination and by being transparent.

In the industrial relationship aspect, TOTAL consistently nurtures the connection between the Company and its Human Resources as a strategic partner. They cooperate in production activities, increasing profits and responsibilities. Hence, it will create strong emotional bonds between TOTAL and all its Human Resources and become one of the fundamentals to achieve business sustainability.

2. Employee’s Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction survey has been conducted to all TOTAL people and will be continuously developed in the future. This survey is carried out to identify TOTAL people’s satisfaction regarding the industrial and manpower relations in the Company. The survey results have been processed as inputs directed to TOTAL’s management, so as to increase the satisfaction level and productivity of TOTAL people in the years to come.

3. Education and Training

The Company’s educational and training programs are designed to gradually improve the employees’ skills required in certain positions. For the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of education and trainings, TOTAL established a training institute named Total Construction Institute (TCI). TOTAL is optimistic that TCI will successfully help the Company meet the demand to create competent and qualified construction labor.

4. Scholarship

TOTAL also organized the manpower program by providing scholarships for employees who have high potential to develop their capability.


Gender Equality And Career Opportunity

One of the fulfillments of TOTAL’s responsibilities in relation to the manpower sector is the assurance that all TOTAL people have the rights to be treated equally and fairly regardless of their ethnics, religions, races, groups, or gender. This equality principle is enforced through the provision of equal and fair work opportunities for all genders, provision of rights to have work leave for employees who want to take maternity leave, and provision of equal opportunities for employees who want to develop their competencies in order to advance their career.

Other implementations that represent the equality principle in the Company is as follows:

  • Provision of benefits in accordance with career levels, responsibilities, and competencies.
  • Equal opportunities for employees to develop their career.
  • Opportunities to participate in training as an effort to develop the competencies for their position.


Occupational Health and Safety


For the Company, the implementation and consistent practice to realize occupational health and safety must continue. As occupational health and safety has a significant role to contribute to the Company’s successful business activities, it also can strategically maintain the Company’s existence. TOTAL has placed occupational health and safety aspect as its main priority since the project planning stage to the completion stage.

TOTAL has managed several world-class projects with partners, clients, and project/construction managements of international-standards. Regarding this, the demand for implementation of HSE is also becoming meticulous and immense. Developments are always endeavored through the implementation of various new policies, trainings, and dissemination of the most recent HSE system. As the result, the overall implementation of HSE is far better, particularly in terms of participation and awareness of all TOTAL people. Nevertheless, the QHSE Department will continue to be improved in the future in order to create safe work environment and excellent performance.

TOTAL is fully committed to improving its occupational health and safety aspects in order to become a world class construction company. TOTAL’s commitment to occupational health and safety is noticeable in its adoption of the management system of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series and OHSAS 18001:2007, Regulation of Minister of Manpower No. 05/Men/1996, on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3) which has been revised into the Government Regulation No. 50 of 2012, and Environmental Management System of ISO 14001:2015.


Safety Culture

TOTAL has consistently developed a safety culture that mutually supports and involves active participation of all individuals, ranging from the employees, subcontractors, to other parties operating in the Company’s project site. Each individual in a project site is required to meet the Personal Protective Equipment standards by wearing helmets, safety shoes, body harnesses, vests, and other equipment as required according to the risk level.

With regard to occupational health, TOTAL sees that health protection is a key point to ensure that employees are free from health threats and adverse conditions from activities related to the execution of construction projects. To achieve the above objectives, TOTAL continues to maintain and create a healthy work environment, among others by assessing the impact of  any activities/projects on human and nearby surroundings.

TOTAL has improved its HSE implementations that encompass:

  • Restructured project organization on HSE personnel;
  • Revised evaluation system (KPI) on HSE items;
  • Recruited HSE personnel with international experiences;
  • Continued the Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) Program & Sub-contractor gathering;
  • Improved the number of HSE trainings, such as staff certification, for employees and subcontractors;
  • Created safety campaign to improve HSE awareness; and
  • Adopted safety culture road map.


Dissemination and Supervision on HSE

Dissemination and supervision on occupational health and safety aspect have been routinely implemented through several means as follows:

  • Dissemination through a “Safety Talk” program, which is a briefing to all employees and workers, and a “Tool Box Meeting” program, which is a daily instruction program performed in group based on working areas or disciplines.
  • Assignment of HSE Officers and/or HSE Supervisors who will be responsible for conducting information dissemination, monitoring and routinely reporting any issues regarding the implementation of occupational health and safety standards. This aims to avoid potential hazards.
  • Procurement of Employee Handbook containing guidelines and procedures for occupational health and safety, in a simple and visual manner that is easily understood by employees.
  • Dissemination through Induction programs for existing workers, new employees, and guests/visitors. This serves as guidance for them prior to visiting the construction premises.
  • Assessment of the implementation of an adequate occupational health and safety system in each project. Currently, TOTAL initiated a Behavior Based Safety system to assess the performance of each individual regarding occupational health and safety practices within the premises.
  • Routine training on technical skills, expertise certification in the safe use of tools, electricity, scaffoldings, and other activities.
  • Dissemination of Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) to the sub-contractors, in which at present has entered the leveling/classification stage of the incoming questionnaire results.


TOTAL’s Occupational Safety Activities and Facilities

Employees’ safety is the priority within TOTAL’s work environment. Hence, TOTAL always strives to provide the best for all TOTAL people by creating a favorable and positive work environment in order to protect all of its personnel.

Within project execution, the project plans prepared by subcontractors are presented and discussed to achieve the same understanding regarding the standards of occupational safety. At the operational level, subcontractor’s workers are provided with preliminary safety briefings to shape their mindset and establish the expected working attitudes. All requirements for occupational safety are disseminated at the commencement of the tender process so that subcontractors can pre-calculate the cost components. Project plans that have been created by subcontractors will be presented and discussed to achieve the same understanding regarding occupational safety standards. The Company can also protect the rights of subcontractors and other third parties to obtain work safety, while at the same time safeguarding the Company’s assets and facilities through a well organized monitoring process.

To create a safe environment at work, the Company continues to stress the importance of the following activities:

  • Comply with all regulations and/or standards of occupational safety.
  • Provide all safety equipment and use that the equipment is used according to the Company’s occupational safety standards in construction field.
  • Continuously adjust and improve current occupational safety- related technology.
  • Develop an emergency response plan to help identify and conduct preventive measures for the potential emergency scenarios.
  • Overcome the accident, explosion and fire according to the prevailing standards and procedures.
  • Investigate any accident occurred, including the near miss incident, to identify the cause and anticipate it in the future.
  • Prepare report on any incident and accident at work to the supervisor of each unit or institution concerned within schedule.
  • Periodically check, inspect and evaluate all facilities, including resources, equipment and detectors for maximum anticipatory action.
  • Hold periodical training on emergency management.
  • Review and evaluate the implementation of occupational health and safety management system and improving skills needed by the employees and partners.


Safety Talk

As a company engaging in construction sector, TOTAL realizes that the potential for accident occurring in the project is quite big. To anticipate the work accident from taking place and mitigate fatal loss, the Company conducts various activities and programs. One of the programs implemented for all personnel without any exception is the HSE Talk/Safety Talk.


Occupational Health Facilities

Occupational health has become a crucial issue that needs to be addressed accordingly within TOTAL’s work environment. As the employer, the Company is bound to protect every employee’s health aspect in the workplace from the threat of health issues and adverse conditions caused by the occupational activities, especially related to the construction projects. To that end, the Company creates a healthy work environment, among others by assessing the impact of any activity/project on human and the nearby surroundings.

Enforcement of the need for occupational health priority is shown by taking preventative measures to minimize employees’ health damage by providing routine medical checkups for employees every year. For workers engaged in the project sites, the medical checkup is performed in cooperation with Social Security Administrative Bodies (BPJS) or other local medical professionals. Such measures are also made by providing first aid point in each project area. Once a month, TOTAL also conducts mosquito fogging in the project areas to create and ensure healthy work environment for all employees.

For employees suffering from health problems, TOTAL has assigned medical support for the checkup. The health record of such employees will be registered in a database to allow the data to be analyzed and to observe whether there is any trend of illness caused by the Company’s work environment or other causes. Thus, the Company could then take further actions as preventive measurements concerning such problems. To create a conducive and healthy workplace, the Company improves 2 (two) interlinking aspects, the employee’s health and workplace condition.

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