Good Corporate Governance

Vendor Relations Policy

With regard to the Company’s compliance with applicable law, the Company has adopted a policy related to the relationship with Suppliers or Vendors as stipulated in the Company's Code of Ethics as follows:

  1. Giving  equal  treatment  to all suppliers or  partners in accordance with the applicable procedures.
  2. Ensuring that the Company’s procurement process for Suppliers must be free of Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism (KKN).
  3. Not influencing each  other,  either directly  or  indirectly, which  results  in  unfair competition as well as a decrease in the quality of procurement process and results of work.
  4. Preventing conflicts of interest among parties involved, either directly or indirectly, in the procurement process.
  5. Carrying out the procurement process in a transparent, competitive, and fair manner to obtain Suppliers who meet the qualifications of work requirements and prices that can be accounted for.
  6. Ensuring that transactions conducted with Suppliers always meet the Suppliers’ rights in accordance with the agreement that has been mutually approved.
  7. Establishing good communication with goods and services providers by giving information on the opportunity to procure goods and services in the Company, including following up complaints and objections.

The  Company  also  conducted  trainings  for  the  sub-contractor’s   staffs   to   improve   their   project   work management  capability  and  conducted  technical  training  for the work force in the project.

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