Corporate Secretary


Anggie R.V. Sanusi Sidharta, ST is currently serving as Corporate Secretary. Indonesian citizen, born in 1979. She was appointed on July 22, 2021, pursuant to Letter of Assignment No. 095/B.2-02/VII/2021. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from Trisakti University, Jakarta (2005) and took part in International Business specialized courses from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA (1999). She started her career at PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk as Investor Relations in 2015 and later as Corporate Secretary in 2021. Prior to TOTAL, she has over 10 years of professional experience, among others are as Site Engineer in PT Indopolar Mitrabina and Fit Out Coordinator in PT Trans Fashion Indonesia.

Roles of Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary has important roles in facilitating communication among the Company’s instruments, relation between the Company and Stakeholders, and compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. In order to support the role, Corporate Secretary is appointed and responsible to the President Director.

Details of the roles and functions of TOTAL’s Corporate Secretary are:

Corporate Secretary functions to facilitate and develop external and internal communication, build relationships with the capital market authorities, all capital market supporting professionals, media, organizations and government institute related to the Company’s business environment. Corporate Secretary also provides a channel of communication for other stakeholders.

Corporate Secretary functions to ensure that the Company’s Articles of Association have been implemented, prepare a clear interpretation of the application and regulations related to the Company’s activities, constantly observe and comprehend the capital market regulations and government regulations related to the Company’s activities in the capital market, and also take notice, follow and ensure that the Company has complied with the rules and regulations.

Corporate Secretary periodically provides the most up-to-date information about the Company to investors with regard to the Company’s performance and prospects, including financial aspects. Investor Relations develops good relationships with observers of finance/capital market and other financial institutions, in addition to managing, analyzing, and preparing reports concerning the Company’s strategic information, particularly in economy and finance that relates to the Company’s business environment.

In order to help the Corporate Secretary perform duties and roles, TOTAL has set the following policies:

  1. To provide proper resources and authorities to Corporate Secretary.
  2. Periodically reporting the implementation of Corporate Secretary’s duties to the President Director.

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