Corporate Social Responsibility to Customers


TOTAL believes that customers are strategic partners to develop its business today and in the future. Therefore, TOTAL is strongly committed to fulfilling its responsibility to all customers. In its manifestation, the Company implements numerous programs that uphold Service Excellence that will improve customer satisfaction. One of the policies that are implemented to fulfill TOTAL’s responsibility to customers is the establishment of Customer Care Department. Through this establishment, a wide range of services has been initiated by the Company as an effort to give prime service to all customers.


Programs and Activities

TOTAL’s CSR policy regarding responsibility to provide prime services to the customers is realized in the following activities:

  • Fair marketing, providing factual and unbiased information, as well as fair contractual practice;
  • Maintenance of customer’s health and safety;
  • Customer service and support, including complaint management;
  • Protection and confidentiality of customer data;
  • Access to essential service; and
  • Education and issue awareness-raising.


Customer Care and QHSE Departments

TOTAL relentlessly strives to develop the quality of its construction products and services. The quality & HSE of TOTAL’s performance is reflected on all project implementation stages controlled by the Product Quality Department. This department functions to maintain performance quality & HSE in order to preserve the success of each project implementation. Together with the project team, Product Quality Department conducts identification process on the potential risk of quality failure as well as its mitigation. In the implementation process, examination is performed using evaluation system on all projects periodically. Finally, in the handover process, re-evaluation is conducted to ensure that the building is in an excellent condition and ready to be used.

TOTAL has obtained ISO 9001 certificate due to its implementation of quality and customer-satisfaction oriented performance.


Customer Satisfaction Survey

TOTAL believes that customers are the stakeholders that possess significant roles in supporting The Company’s business development, today and in the future. Hence, TOTAL is committed to always improving service for its customers from time to time, as well as prioritizing customers’ satisfaction. In order to measure customer satisfaction level on the Company’s service, TOTAL conduct a survey on customer satisfaction level every year.

Based on the measurement result, TOTAL has a guideline to develop a strategy and plan, as well as improvement for the performance and service comprehensively in the following years

Pride and Excellence in Construction