Corporate Social Responsibility in Environment


TOTAL’s concern toward the environment was shownby our passion to be an eco-friendly company, namely through the green construction and green building initiatives. To that end, TOTAL has continuously tried to design better CSR programs through a change of the environment management concept that adheres to the ISO 26000. In addition to this certification, TOTAL’s CSR policy implementation on environment is based on the Environmental Management System of ISO 14001 standard that is applied by setting the area as the main protection target against environmental pollution caused by the building construction projects. This system follows the international standards of the Environmental Management System that are widely used all over the world.

TOTAL’s CSR environmental policies encompass a framework to implement, maintain, develop, improve and manage the environment in line with the Company’s efforts to minimize negative impacts, enhance positive contribution, and leverage natural resources wisely. With the implementation of responsible CSR environmental programs, TOTAL strongly believes that its existence as a contractor of high-rise building projects can be well accepted by the community shareholders and stakeholders. TOTAL continues to implement environmental-based building projects, while at the same time taking part in creating a clean and healthy environment.


Programs and Activities

TOTAL’s concrete action to take account of environmental aspect in each business location and environment near the Company is implemented through the following activities:

  • Maintain environmental preservation.
  • Comply with regulation and environmental management standards.
  • Provide all equipment of environmental management.
  • Adjust and improve the environmental conditions to minimize adverse impacts and develop positive contribution, as well as wisely utilize natural resources.
  • Promote and take preventive action to anticipate emergency.
  • Examine and investigate the cause of pollution to environment.
  • Prepare a report the occurrence of pollution to the environment.
  • Periodically monitor, inspect and evaluate the conditions of all facilities.
  • Hold training on environmental pollution management.
  • Hold socialization activity on how to use and dispose of hazardous chemicals.
  • Tree planting in area surrounding the projects.

TOTAL's commitment to implementing the Green Construction or Green Building concept on its projects is carried out as a whole; starting from mitigation efforts to periodic checks.


TOTAL’s Certification in the Environmental Field

TOTAL received certification in the environmental field such as OHSAS 18001:2007, Regulation of the Minister of Manpower No.05/Men/1996 on Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System of ISO 14001:2015.

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