Corporate Cultures

Succeeding Through Differentiation

Specialisation alone, however, is not enough to sustain our success. It has to be enhanced by differentiation.

We seek differentiation in two key areas - quality and innovation. 

At Total Bangun Persada, we practice quality in all its different forms at every stage of all our projects.

From using the best selection of building materials specified, to the best building methods and processes and to employing the best talent in the construction industry, we make quality a cornerstone of the way we work.

This commitment to quality extends beyond the completion and delivery of contracted projects, where we provide comprehensive after market support even outside the warranty period. We believe that our customers needs come first and as a result, we care for quality, no matter the cost, and we care for customers no matter what.

We seek differentiation through innovation and bringing new ideas to building construction such as design and build.

The design and construct approach, which we have applied in Indonesia is a primary example of this innovation that has brought significant benefits to project developers. In design and construct, Total acts as the main contractor, pulling in the best combination of integrated services right from the start. This removes the necessity for building owners to deal with a multitude of parties through the creation of a single coordinating entity, minimises the risk of cost overruns ensure the early start, successful completion and handover of projects on schedule.

Pride and Excellence in Construction