Message from Chairman

The Board of Commissioners has carried out its duties and responsibilities in overseeing the Company according to the Articles of Association under which many activities were implemented. The supervisory function is performed to achieve the Company’s defined target and improve performance over the years. We will consistently ensure the implementation of Good Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources Development.

All supervisory activities of the Board of Commissioners signal their commitment to always meet the challenges of the construction business with persistence, prudence and discernment. With strategic policies and decisions set by the Board of Directors, we are confident that TOTAL can embrace its robust growth.

TOTAL has consistently focused on quality and implemented it as a foundation of all the Company’s business operations. We see that quality awareness must be instilled in all our employees through various training tailored to enhance their core competency and specific skills for certain projects. Quality is our vital foundation to implement ISO and international standards in all of our business practices.

Looking at the Company’s impressive quality management, we see that the Board of Directors has shown improved performance. This is reflected in the policies and decisions made by the management to deal with the construction business challenges, domestic economic outlook and changes in government regulations that have been prudently anticipated.

The Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors, together with TOTAL people (m-TOTAL), have forged links to deliver this exhilarating result. As our responsibility to oversee the implementation of the Company’s work program, the Board of Commissioners will continuously promote all policies to bolster the growth of the Company.

We see that TOTAL has consistently taken account of the Government’s regulation regarding environmental concerns to enact corporate decisions. Thus, TOTAL continues to apply the eco-friendly green building concept within its construction activity, and this actually pinpoints one of TOTAL’s excellences. Such measures will ultimately accelerate TOTAL to achieve success and realize its vision of becoming a renowned world class high rise builder.

TOTAL’s management has been proven capable of excelling in the high rise building sector, fueled by its strategic decision that culminated in efficient work and the development of TOTAL people to safeguard our sustained growth. While deploying this strategy, we can increase the overall project production at all stages without dampening our commitment to quality and service excellence.

To that end, we are proud of the success achieved by the Board of Directors and TOTAL people. We are assured that TOTAL will continue making new innovations to enhance the construction industry in Indonesia and delivering the best service to our customers.

We have evaluated our corporate governance and have made some improvements, which have led TOTAL to attain its considerable achievements. The change has been reviewed by independent GCG consultant teams through GCG assessment; achieving score of 4.02 out of 5.00. It signifies GOOD or the Company is considered capable of meeting the minimum requirements of KNKG Guidelines.

The Board of Commissioners remains upbeat on the positive outlook for the construction industry despite the emerging tight competition. We are confident that this industry will grow on an upward trajectory for the years to come. We are assured that TOTAL’s capacity to build customer trust rests on the Company’s commitment to do the ordinary work, extraordinarily well.

The Board of Commissioners also want to convey their heartfelt gratitude to the shareholders, stakeholders, customers and business partners for their unrelenting trust and support to endure the Company’s continued success. Our highest appreciation is extended to the Board of Directors, Management, and all TOTAL people for their hard work and dedication to bring TOTAL to the pinnacle of success. We will assure all the shareholders that PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk’s management will exert their best endeavors to increase the added value to the shareholders.


Ir. Reyno Stephanus Adhiputranto
President Commissioner & Independent Commissioner

Pride and Excellence in Construction