Learning & Development

People Development is one of the key strategies of PT Total Persada Tbk to achieves the vision and mission of the company. Our main focus is to help employees optimally develop themselves and to be able to demonstrate an excellent performance. This development does not only focus on technical competencies (hard skills), but also on non-technical competencies (soft skills) that are related to our corporate values ​​and culture, leadership and work management.

The establishment of Total Construction Institute is a testimony to the company’s commitment to fostering the development of our employees’ technical competencies. With our existing curriculum developed by experienced practitioners in their fields, Total Construction Institute is striving to create the best professionals within the construction business, in particular with regard to high rise buildings. In addition, the employees are also encouraged to attend other training, both organized by TOTAL and by external bodies. Right after joining TOTAL, employees will attend a series of training tailored to the needs of their competencies and positions.

A JumpStart Program, is a series of training aimed to prepare the Fresh Graduates for the real work in the Project field, and is also available for fresh graduates. Teaching methods are applied not only in the form of indoor training, but also with project visits, in which participants are invited to see for real what they have learned in the classroom. (this is best copy) The studies provided in the JumpStart program include: Project Organization and Contractual Management, Preliminary, Structural Works, Finishing Works and also Mechanical & Electrical Works.

Training is not only given at the beginning of their employment with TOTAL. Training both technical and non-technical, is continually held so as to enhance the employees’ skills. In technical terms, there is Great Builder program I and II, comprising of training in the field of Structure, Finishing and ME such as: the work of Framework, Concrete, Floor, and the Elevator & Escalator. In addition, there is also training regarding the quantity calculation, material knowledge, work productivity management, technical analysis, method of work surveyors and others. These trainings are tailored to the needs of the competency for each position.

In the non-technical field, there are programs such as Great Management, Great Leadership, Great HSE and Great Soft Skills, as well as Coaching Training & Self Development. These trainings are given so that the employees of PT Total Bangun Persada can thoroughly develop into ‘TOTAL people' in all spectrums, not only limited to technical aspects. The training given includes: Job management training and leadership training with various materials tailored to the position level, training related to HSE, Business English, Negotiation Skills, Service Excellence Skill and some other trainings.

Pride and Excellence in Construction