Corporate Governance Structure

Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is held accountable to AGM. The role of the President Commissioner is to coordinate activities for the Board of Commissioners. The role of Board of Commissioners is collectively supervising the management of the Company, providing input concerning policies of the Company’s management created by the Board of Directors. The Board of Commissioners continuously monitors the effectiveness of the Company’s policies. Board of Directors’ performance their decision making process including the implementation of strategies. Created to meet expectations of Shareholders and other stakeholders. The results of such monitoring attached with the review and opinion from Board of Commissioners, would then be submitted to AGM as a component to evaluate the performance of Board of Directors.

The composition and number of Board of Commissioners is concluded by AGM by considering the vision, mission, and strategic plans for the Company to enable, effective, quick, accurate, independent decision making process. The procedures for the nomination, appointment, replacement, dismissals of members of the Board of Commissioners are provided in the Company’s Articles of Association.

The Commissioner Candidate is mutually established by the Board of Commissioners to the adjustment to the Company’s business needs. Meeting the main criteria; includes competency, willingness, and attitude.

The performance of the Board of Commissioners is evaluated by the Shareholders in AGM. In general, the performance of Board of Commissioners is measured based on the roles and responsibilities set forth in the prevailing regulations and the Company’s Articles of Associations and the mandate from the Shareholders.

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