Good Corporate Governance

Assessment of GCG

TOTAL has implemented the method of a GCG assessment practiced by the GCG Consultant Team to assess the Company’s incorporation of GCG principles. This assessment is made by referring an appraisal of the Company’s Annual Report 2011, information gathered by a consultant team, ranging from Indonesia Stock Exchange, Bapepam, to printing and online media.

Pursuant to the standards of KNKG (Komite Nasional Kebijakan Governance), TOTAL is marked 4.02 out of 5.00, signifying GOOD, the Company is considered competent to meet the minimum requirements of the KNKG Guidelines. 

According to OECD Principles, TOTAL’s score is 65.48 out of 100.00, signifiying FAIR, reflecting the Company has met the minimum requirements of OECD Principles in terms of GCG practices.


Assessment Indicators of TOTAL’s GCG

Assesment Indicators of TOTAL’s GCG are aligned with exposure to GCG’s enforcement, such as:

Pride and Excellence in Construction